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Payroll Deduction for Ouachita Parish - information
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Ouachita Parish requires that employees wishing to add or remove payroll deductions for organizations dues complete their Ouachita Parish Employee Choice Contribution Worksheet.

This worksheet is a triplicate worksheet that is available from the Ouachita parish payroll department (and often there are copies of the form available from the school office.)

Steps for Ouachita parish employees to join A+PEL via payroll deduction:

  1. Complete the A+PEL application by clicking on the 'Join A+PEL' button on the top right of our website. Select the payroll deduction option (alternatively, you may complete and return a hard-copy version of the A+PEL application).
  2. Next, turn in the triplicate Employee Choice form directly to your parish payroll dept.  (or check with your school office as they may accept and forward it to the payroll dept for you.)
  3. Once your parish enrolls you they will send a report to A+PEL.  Once we receive this  report from them, your enrollment confirmation will be emailed to you.

Feel free to contact A+PEL if you have any questions:

via Phone: 225-769-4005 or via contact form


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