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Benefits Overview
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Affordable Dues

Member categories designed to meet your needs.  

Liability Coverage

Membership includes professional liability insurance, which is critical for today’s educators.
Refer to the Benefits Insurance page for details.

    Legal Services

    Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana provides full legal services and professional assistance to its members in addition to free legal advice for work related issues that occur when you are a member in good standing. The Director of Legal Services and the A+PEL General Counsel review matters of concern to members, make recommendations, and if necessary, assign attorneys to individual cases.  Attorney fees are paid by A+PEL in keeping with existing insurance provisions. Refer to the Benefits Insurance page for details. For legal assistance, please submit a contact form or call the A+PEL office at 1(800)364-2735.

    Additional Coverages

    In addition to a $2,000,000 Liability Policy, A+PEL membership includes additional forms of insurance covering attorney fees related to identity theft and criminal action/proceedings (related to your employment). A+PEL membership also provides coverage and protection in the case of assault related property damage and bail bonds (related to your employment).

    Refer to the Benefits Insurance page for details and limitations.

    Legislative Affairs and Services

    A+PEL actively solicits support from legislators concerning issues that affect its members and takes a position on various education bills in accordance with its mission.

    Professional Development Opportunities

    A+PEL encourages its members to continually develop in their profession. The professional development program offers opportunities for teachers to attend seminars and conferences that will enhance their performance as educators.  A+PEL also offers scholarships and grants which assist teachers and students as they seek professional development opportunities.

    Local Chapters

    Several local A+PEL chapters have their own websites.  Click here to learn about an A+PEL chapter in your area. Call the A+PEL state office if you are interested in forming an A+PEL chapter in your parish/district.

    Scholarships & Grants

    Each year A+PEL awards thousands of dollars to educators and those seeking teacher certification to assist with instruction and professional development.

    Networking / Special Events

    Perhaps the greatest benefit to our members is the willingness of members to help each other. Some of the most experienced teachers belong to our association, and are willing to freely share their experiences.  As members develop friendships among each other and help each other do a better job, we help the teaching profession as a whole.  Members also have the opportunity to network and discuss issues important to them at special meetings and conferences held each year by A+PEL.

    24-Hour Access

    A+PEL strives to respond as soon as possible to its members. A person from either the state office, various chapters, area directors, liaisons, or other contact persons can be easily reached. 

    Join A+PEL Now!

    Join A+PEL Now!