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A+PEL Professional Creed
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  • An A+PEL Professional is charged with the responsibility of educating the school-aged youth of Louisiana, whether it is in a traditional public school, a public charter school, or state approved private school.
  • An A+PEL Professional’s foremost responsibility is the education and welfare of students.
  • An A+PEL Professional has a higher education background and maintains professional skills through ongoing training in short courses, workshops, seminars and other programs designed to optimize effectiveness.
  • An A+PELProfessional is highly motivated, has a competent level of understanding of the subject matter, and is capable of dealing with students in a manner designed to bring out their best.
  • An A+PEL Professional treats students equally and endeavors to bring them to the expected level of achievement or better by the end of each assessment period.
  • An A+PEL Professional is an independent thinker, who works as an individual and whose commitment and dedication to students goes beyond personal income.
  • An A+PEL Professional strives to improve each child’s achievement by involving parents and other professional services when necessary.
  • An A+PEL Professional contributes to his or her community by utilizing social and professional skills.

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