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Lisa Mason-Hollins

Caddo Parish

I Like It, I Love It, Can't Get Enought of It.

Have you been using Google Chrome and all of its wonderful features? Learn to improve your image search, the best extensions, Doc and Slides lifesavers, and ways to use Google Keep. Join me to learn more tips, tools, and tricks to allow Chrome to help you live your best life.

Kristen Bruce

Vernon Parish

#DoGreatThings: Improving School Culture & Climate

Is your school struggling with an apathetic or uninvolved student body? Do you want to build a school-based community which includes students, teachers, parents, administrators, and the general public in your area? #DoGreatThings focuses on building community and improving school climate through student leadership and positive promotion of school successes. You will see how one small, rural school in Vernon Parish is empowering students to change their world from their school desks.

Kellie Plaisance

Lafayette Parish

Geography, History, Robots- Oh My!

Robots might not be taking over the world-yet, but why not let them take over your social studies classroom! Come join us as we explore how robotics (specifically Dash and Sphero) can be used to enrich your social studies lessons and keep students engaged.

Becky Fritchie

Ascension Parish

Out of the world Opportunities!

Tired of the same old professional development? There are so many amazing opportunities for teachers to enhance their craft and empower you with knowledge, experiences, and downright AWESOMENESS! This session will include information for teachers that will encourage them to "SEEC" out opportunities that are just waiting for them to send their teaching craft OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Amanda Cofill

Rapides Parish

Rotations in the Middle School Math Class

Are you tired of the same old boring script of the math lesson? In this session you will see how math rotations are possible in the middle school math class without sacrificing the rigor or content that needs to be taught. Utilizing the State and District required Curriculum, you can incorporate rotations into your math time regardless of the timeframe allotted to you. Join us as we experience the rotations and show you how to use them in your class.

Kimberly Eckert

West Baton Rouge Parish

Cultivating Geniuses

Genius hour allows students to follow their passions, explore creativity, and find their own genius. Come learn how to plan for, support, and evaluate success while transforming your classroom, your community, and the lives of your students by strengthening student voice and choice through Genius Hour.

Ashley Sergeant

New Orleans

Who Homework Helps and Why

Who Homework Helps and Why focuses on the design and implementation of a successful home learning program at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Homework is not a one size, fits all approach. Depending on the level, content, and performance, homework designs vary. During our session, school leaders, academic support staff, and classroom teachers will learn to identify their population's need; and receive resources to implement a program that supports skill and content learning.


EBR Chapter Meeting and Social

9/28/2019 » 5/2/2020
Mentor Teacher Training Course

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