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2018 Summer Conference Attendee Portal
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A+PEL 2018 Summer Conference

Set Sail!

July 17-19, 2017 in Baton Rouge
The Baton Rouge Marriott

Ticket Prices:  $125 members; $150 non-members; $50 student members

Register prior to June 1st and get a $25 early bird discount!

Conference ticket includes free attendance to the
Leadership Training Pre-Conference!

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2018 Conference Sessions (tentative)

Check back often for more additions and updates!

Chart a new course and set S.A.I.L. with Nepris

Don't get stuck in uncharted waters! Let us help you navigate your students to exciting careers they've never even considered, by virtually connecting to industry professionals from across the country. At Nepris, we know that real-world relevance engages and motivates students. Our online platform forges thousands of real-world connections, bringing industry professionals into classrooms - virtually - to make career opportunities come to life. Join us to learn more.

Coping Culture for the Classroom and School

Poor academic performance, disruptive behavior, peer bullying and many of the other issues that hinder a productive learning environment can be addressed is the instructor understands the role of children's typical irrational beliefs and how the use of therapeutic fables that teach effective coping skill with the entire class of students can have a positive impact on the environment of the classrooms and of the school.

Emergent Literacy: Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

Do you teach or plan to teach PreK-3rd grade? Do you have struggling readers in your elementary classroom? Do you have young children and are curious about how to support their early literacy development? Are you preparing for the Elementary or Reading Praxis? This session provides a quick overview of Emergent Literacy terminology with videos and hands-on activities of effective teaching methods to implement with your students shared by an experienced Early Childhood educator.

Love The Journey

I have been a successful classroom teacher for 20 years in the states of MO, AR, TX, WI, and LA. I have learned many tools and strategies and would like to share the best of them.

Tech for Littles: Using GSuite in the K-2 Class

Have you ever struggled with successfully integrating technology into your K-2 Classroom? Stop by and discover how to successfully integrate the GSuite Apps (Classroom, Docs, Slides, Forms, Sheets, and Drawings) into your classroom. You will leave with a toolbox of technology integration strategies that can be easily implemented in your classroom.

Quality Design: A guide to course development

Would you like to upgrade your course or help a group of teachers, but don't know how? Come help drive the discussion by participating in Think-Pair-Share and "Hot Topics" of course design! Participants will receive a nine month outline of activities, which can be used to enhance the quality of their course(s). Originally designed for developing new online courses, this framework is adaptable to developing or modifying traditional, hybrid, or online courses.

Proactive Bulling Prevention through SEL & Literac

This session will focus on literacy-based bullying prevention lessons for elementary and middle school classrooms. The lessons develop social/emotional learning (SEL) skills to help greatly reduce bullying behavior. Real-life stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul are used in each lesson. Each attendee will leave with a sample lesson from each grade to try out in the classroom.

Success with Science Standards

What do you do when your standards are changed overnight? Hear the strategies employed by a veteran teacher who taught Middle School Science for the first time with no curriculum, no textbook, and no clue what to do. Hear what not to do by learning through his mistakes. Learn how to plan, practical strategies to implement, and engagement activities.

Maximize Instruction, Minimize Disruption

Wish you could just teach instead of spending precious class time correcting disruptive behaviors? This session will help you unlock the KEYS to a successful classroom. Keep the goal in mind Energize your classroom You set the tone Student-centered

Giving your Students a Voice with Digital Stories

Using online free software to give your students a voice from Kindergarten through grade 12 and beyond. Many times children shy away from verbally telling their stories but with Online Movie Making you can bring out these stories using Blooms Higher order thinking skills through out the process. As well as various types of storytelling. And the wonderful part is ALL students can utilize this in an variety of ways.

Defining Teaching Excellence

What's the "secret" of highly effective teaching? Ten highly effective Louisiana teachers with perfect evaluation scores were recently interviewed. Their responses, along with a summary of common practices, traits, processes, instructional and classroom management strategies and more will be presented. The ideas and ideologies shared and expressed in this presentation will undoubtedly result in self-reflection, adoption of best practices, affirmation and rejuvenation among all teachers.

Beat the Odds:Enter HS & College Above Grade Level

Key College decision-makers identified deficiencies of students not graduating college, even with targeted efforts to help students increase achievement. Research reveals high school students find it hard to cope with skill deficits and lack resiliency to complete college. Attendees break into groups for facilitated discussion on how Middle School accelerates college and career readiness and exceeds ACT/SAT benchmarks to avoid remediation and graduate. Participants receive a 4-part plan.

Focus on Inquiry Based Lessons and 5E Lesson Plans

Are you looking for a way to engage students while applying the Next Generation standards? In this session we will practice setting up the 5 E lesson structure as well as incorporating the phenomenon required for the new science curriculum. This is a hands on session with work time incorporated so that you can begin planning and get feed back from your peers.

Culturally Responsive Teaching/Relationship Buildi

Session participants will understand what culturally responsive teaching looks like which will allow them to implement CCSS & effectively facilitate learning and growth for all students. Participants will develop a toolkit & an action plan for improving relationships with students and parents in order to strengthen the learning community. The focus of this session is to help teachers understand how to facilitate learning that is relevant and purposeful for all students.

Louisiana Student Rights Review

Religious Freedom in Schools! To answer some of the most frequently asked questions and misconceptions about the law in the area of religious expression. We hope to assist Louisiana students, parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, and school board members in avoiding campus controversies by explaining what the Constitution protects.

Diving into Data (Don't Just Read,Interpret)

Understanding Data Driven Instruction One of the most effective ways to help students achieve success is to use data to inform teaching. Data-driven instruction involves changing a school's focus from "what was taught" to "what was learned." This presentation outlines a plan for creating a data-driven culture in order to achieve academic excellence. Data-driven instruction is the idea of schools focusing on student learning.

What The Watt???

This presentation invites educators to be innovative when planning and delivering a lesson. This session aims to suggest to educators that student engagement can and does decrease (and dare I say eliminate) negative classroom behaviors. Participants will have whole group instruction and small group sessions, in which they will have the option to facilitate. So, come prepared to enjoy an engaging presentation that will have you anticipating the next one!

15 Tech Tools to Engage Your Students

This session will provide you with 15 tech tools for use in Math and Science. These tools have proven to engage our 8th grade students and can surely be adapted for any grade level. You will leave with ideas you can implement in a flash.

Socratic Seminars Made Easy

This presentation will be useful for teachers who are following state curriculum standards and teaching students skills such as citing textual evidence and critical analysis of text. This design is a proven student led method that yields an increase in student development of critical thinking skills and literacy comprehension.



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