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Overview of Membership Categories
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Basic Membership Categories

Professional: Educators holding active certificates in the profession and employed by a public or private school or institution of higher learning. Membership includes liability and employment rights benefits. (Example: teacher, administrator, librarian, counselor, coach, etc.) 

Associate: Full-time school employees who work in a paraprofessional or non-certified position directly related to the instructional program, and employed by a public or private school or institution of higher learning. Membership includes liability and employment rights benefits.  

University Student / Pre-Service: Persons, not employed as teachers, who are enrolled in an accredited college or university or in a practitioner program at an accredited college or university or private entity. By joining now as a student, you are eligible for a discount for your first year of dues for Professional Membership upon employment.

Note: Once you begin your teaching career, you must transition your student membership to a professional membership. Student membership does not provide the necessary coverage once you are employed by a school district.

Auxiliary Membership Categories

(Do not require liability and employment rights benefits)

Retired: Persons who are officially retired from the Louisiana Teachers’ Retirement System or the Louisiana School Employees’ Retirement System, or from a private school, and are no longer employed or drawing an active employment salary from a school system or private provider school system.

Retired Lifetime: A+PEL member-retiree, for a one-time fee, can become a Lifetime Member. Members will have all benefits and services except liability coverage, accidental death and dismemberment insurance,and professional rights protection. Retirees with Lifetime Membership who return to the classroom as a full-time employee may notify the state office to have Professional Membership status reactivated at no additional cost for the remainder of that school year, thereby eligible for full insurance coverage.  (Subsequent years of employment, the regular Professional Level dues are in effect.)  The member must call the state office upon employment termination, thus returning to Lifetime Membership status. 

Public / Civic: Individuals other than the foregoing who are interested in public or private education.

Membership Year

The membership year of A+PEL is July 1 – June 30.  Prorated membership dues are also available between the months of January and June for Professional and Associate membership categories.



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